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Tasker ⋆ Probably Autistic

Minimalist Cheets

One-liner to calculate the binary value to toggle, enable, or disable an option via Java Function or Tasker Settings:

%val = ceil((abs(%val - 1) + %par(#?1/on/true) - %par(#?0/off/false))/(2+%par(#)))

(Where %val is the binary value of the current state, if retrieved). Thus allows toggling if mo parameters are passed and absolute stating by a passed parameter.

One-liner to extract a base-12 hour from Tasker’s base-24 %TIME variable:
%hour = floor(%TIME) - floor(%TIME/13)*12 + floor(abs(floor(%TIME) - 24)/24)*12

The first segment extracts the hour by discarding the minutes; the second segment subtracts any p.m. offset (from 13.00 to 23.00); the third segment converts midnight (00:00) to 12.

Announce Hours

This profile beeps and announces the time every hour. It can also be used for intra-days tasks such as re-initializing brightness and volumes each morning, activating IMAP push mail for business hours, and taking breaks. viewe | save

Don’t Be An Asshole

This profile scans wifi SSIDs and places the phone in vibrate in an number of situations such as religious centers, schools, theaters, and the like. Of course, it will not help if the location does not have wifi or if the wifi name does not contain a listed keyword, but on balance this profile should reduce the number of embarrassing or annoying disruptions. view | save

Conserve Data & Battery

This task is extremely useful for prolonging battery life while also conserving data consumption. Aside from activating airplane mode, turning the data connection off is the next best power saver! Users may often find themselves in situations like work or school where a constant data connection serves no purpose and drains the battery. By cycling data usage, battery life can be extended by hours! view | save more ›

Announce Profiles

This profile announces the profiles as they become active and avoids the alternative of putting a statement in every profile. If multiple profiles activate simultaneously they will be combined in a single grammatically correct announcement. Great for troubleshooting profile bugs. view | save

Call Rejector & Logger

This profile will automatically reject and log pre-defined callers. Three examples are provided in within its anonymous task: The first demonstrates the format for denying a specific number; the second demonstrates the format for blocking a specific extension (i.e. 222-333-XXXX); the third demonstrates syntax for combining rejection rules (preferable to numerous OR conditions for faster processing). Any blocked numbers are stored in a CSV file on the root directory. view | savemore ›

Toggle Always-on Display

This task toggles and/or sets Samsung’s Always-on Display. Simply calling the task will perform the toggle: specifying “on” or “off” in eithe par variables will aet AOS to that state regardless of the current state. view | save